An elegantly designed budget planner or spreadsheet, with various categories like venue, catering, flowers, and photography, symbolizing the importance of proper budgeting for all expenses during the wedding planning process.

Things Newly-Engaged Couples Often Forget

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that congratulations on your engagement are in order! Now that you have committed to spending the rest of your lives together, it is time to start planning the big day, and our Columbus wedding venue is here to help.

With all the excitement and emotions that come with being engaged, it is easy to forget some important details. As a Columbus wedding venue that has helped many brides and grooms-to-be plan for their big day, La Navona has frequently seen couples overlook certain things that can make a big difference in the success of their wedding day.

Here are some things newly-engaged couples often forget about when planning their wedding.

Budgeting For All the Expenses

It’s well known that weddings can be expensive, but people often pay the most attention to the big price tags when smaller expenses can add up quickly.

When budgeting for your wedding, account for all the costs, including the venue, catering, flowers, photographer, music, attire, transportation, and any other services you may need. Also, don’t forget about taxes, gratuities, and other hidden fees that may not be included in the initial quotes you receive.

The wedding planners at La Navona can help you stay on top of this, which brings us to our next point:

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a full-time job; if it’s not YOUR full-time job, it can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. Having a professional planner to guide you through the process can be a lifesaver, especially if it comes as part of one of the best wedding packages in Columbus.

A wedding planner can help you with everything from selecting the right vendors to creating a timeline for the big day. They can also help you stay on budget and ensure that all the details are taken care of so you can enjoy your wedding day stress-free. That’s why our Columbus wedding venue provides on-site planning and several vendor services to remove much of that stress and complication.

Choosing the Right Wedding Date

Rarely does anyone forget to set a date for their wedding – it’s one of the first things you think of after the ring comes out. However, it’s fairly common to forget to consider certain factors.

You want to ensure that your loved ones can attend and that the weather is favorable for your chosen Columbus wedding venue and theme.

However, there are other factors to consider, such as holidays, travel safety, competing events, and peak wedding season. Make sure to choose a date that works for you and your guests.

RSVP Management

RSVP management can be a headache, but ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly is essential.

Ensure to provide clear RSVP instructions and follow up with guests who have not responded by the deadline. You should also keep track of any dietary restrictions, seating arrangements, and other preferences your guests may have. La Navona has several menu options for those with dietary restrictions, so we can accommodate as long as you know your guests’ preferences!

Guest Transportation and Accommodations

If you have guests coming from out of town, it is essential to consider their transportation and accommodations. Ensure to provide information about hotels and transportation options, and consider offering a shuttle service to and from the venue. You may also consider hosting a rehearsal dinner or welcome reception to help your guests feel more comfortable and included.

Backup Plans

No matter how much you plan, things can still go wrong on your wedding day even with the best Columbus wedding venue. Having backup plans for inclement weather, equipment failures, and other unforeseen circumstances is essential.

La Navona has indoor and outdoor wedding venue facilities in Columbus and plenty of backup equipment. We can quickly switch a wedding ceremony or reception to an indoor event if the weather unfortunately doesn’t cooperate on your big day. So we are ready with several backup plans of our own. Still, it’s important to communicate your backup plans with your wedding party so that everyone is on the same page.

At our Columbus wedding venue, we understand your special day’s importance, and we want to help you make it as perfect as possible. By keeping these often-forgotten details in mind, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls around planning your dream wedding. Contact us today to learn more about our venue and planning services.