Anyone who is at the optimal age where wedding season is really just becoming the seemingly never ending season of life knows that most weddings take place in the warmer months of the year. But fall weddings are becoming more and more popular, because frankly, who doesn’t love fall. With Ohio being one of optimal midwest states to be in during fall, you have plenty of options to choose from when planning your Ohio fall wedding. Having a fall wedding opens up a lot of opportunities for unique weddings, whether it’s a different color palate, yummy fall foods, and fall themed decor. If you’re considering a fall wedding, we have the ultimate Ohio fall wedding guide that will give you numerous tips and tricks to consider during your fall wedding planning process.


First and foremost, you have to find the perfect fall wedding venue. Let’s be honest. You’re not considering a fall wedding because you want to sit inside the entire time. You’re probably considering a fall themed wedding because you love fall and want to enjoy the perfectly brisk weather and beautiful fall foliage. Fact of the matter is that depending on what month you’re planning your wedding, the weather could be questionable. That’s why it’s important to select a venue that offers both inside and outside options.

If you would like part of your wedding to be outside, we recommend having your ceremony outside, with an inside reception. This allows you and your guests to get the full feel of a fall wedding and atmosphere without forcing guests to feel uncomfortable in the chilly weather for too long. As well, booking a fall wedding venue that allows guests the option to fluctuate between indoors and outdoors while they’re still enjoying their cocktails or taking a break from dancing is also a great thing to consider. If you would like your fall wedding ceremony to take place outside, make sure to inform guests of this early on and recommend that they bring a jacket or sweater with them. Or, if it’s in the budget, you can purchase shawls for guests to cozy up with as they watch you exchange vows with your best friend (and what a great party favor).


Fall is the beginning of holiday season, so keep that in mind before selecting a date. It’s fair to assume that Thanksgiving weekend is off limits, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of those long weekends to help give guests some extra travel time. And hey, Halloween fall weddings may be something to consider. If you aren’t a traditional bride or groom, think about having a Halloween themed wedding with mandatory costumes – tell us you wouldn’t love to go to that wedding!

If you live in Columbus, Ohio and don’t have family member that loves the Ohio State Buckeyes, do you really live in Columbus? Okay we’re kidding – sort of. But you should consider football schedules for the big football fans in your life, because we know they definitely exist. At the very least, make sure the venue you book has TVs available if your reception is happening at the time of a big game. Don’t make them choose between your marriage and The Game. We know they would choose you, but…just don’t make them choose.

As with any outdoor wedding, you want to have a contingency plan, and it’s not going to make for a perfect day if your wedding gets rained out, and guests are so cold it’s uncomfortable to be outside for more than a few minutes. Make sure you select a venue that offers an inside option if the weather is rainy. As well, don’t forget to consider the shorter days. You may need to have your ceremony a little earlier in the day to account for earlier sunsets.


If you’re already reading this article, you probably already have some idea of why a fall wedding is a great decision, but let’s just solidify that decision for you. The satisfying feel of those brisk fall days and gorgeous fall foliage backdrops can make for the perfect fall ceremony and wedding photographs. As well, having your wedding in the fall gives you full reign to take advantage of fall color palettes. We particularly love the idea of using lots of greenery and burgundy, but maybe you’re more of a Sunflower kind of gal? Whatever you choose, your selection of colors and flowers is going to be gorgeous.

Depending on when you’re getting married in the fall, you may be doing so outside of peak wedding season, which to some vendors, may mean cheaper rentals and fees. With the prices of weddings only increasing, you should take advantage of any and all discounts when you can. It’s also usually easier to hire vendors as they don’t have as many weddings booked at the tail end of the year.

To top it off, who doesn’t love fall foods. Take advantage of the season to offer comfort foods over the traditional wedding dinners you’ve had at every other wedding. Cake? Who needs cake when you can have fresh pumpkin and apple pies waiting for you for dinner.

If you’re still on the fence about committing to a fall wedding, we say go for it! Give your guests a reason to be even more excited for fall. No matter how you plan your fall wedding, you have plenty of options for your special day.